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 There are more than 300 ports in the United States, and they are all different. Ports may be operated by a state, a county, a municipality, a private corporation, or a combination. Many ports are complex entities, involving facilities for transportation by several modes of transportation: water, rail, road, or even air. Ports are a vitally important part of the nationwide Marine Transportation System, which includes not only ports, but also inland and coastal waterways, and the intermodal connectors. The Maritime Administration provides expertise on port financing and port infrastructure, and has assisted major ports in their recent redevelopment plans.

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Trade RankPort Name State Total TradeForeign Exports Description
21 Port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  35,219,613 314,263 click here
22 Pascagoula Mississippi  34,099,989 3,933,323 click here
23 Freeport Texas  33,908,024 2,980,966 click here
24 St. Louis, Missouri and East St. Louis Illinois  33,386,972NULL click here
25 Paulsboro New Jersey  30,485,654 485,104 click here
26 Port of Portland Oregon  29,995,641 13,223,917 click here
27 Port of Portland Maine  29,709,345 218,940 click here
28 Port of Savannah Georgia  28,176,658 9,543,634 click here
29 Port Arthur Texas  7,570,039 5,359,662 click here
30 Port of Tacoma Washington  26,282,033 12,383,155 click here
31 Port of Boston Massachusetts  25,796,721 979,480 click here
32 Port Everglades Florida  24,899,825 2,296,202 click here
33 Port of Richmond California   24,743,520 1,453,367 click here
34 Charleston South Carolina  24,739,212 6,172,873 click here
35 Port of Chicago Illinois  24,602,157 1,277,990 click here
36 Marcus Hook Pennsylvania  24,568,697 NULL click here
37 Port of Seattle Washington  23,501,372 8,478,390 click here
38 Port of Jacksonville Florida  21,451,389 1,230,999 click here
39 Port of Honolulu Hawaii  19,085,470 568,511 click here
40 Indiana Harbor  Indiana  18,228,291 71,829 click here
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