Accidental Effects

  • - causes any material damage
  • - is lost or is presumed to be lost
  • - is abandoned
  • - is materially damaged by fire, explosion, weather or other cause
  • - grounds
  • - is in collision
  • - is disabled or
  • - causes significant harm to the environment

Any person falls overboard from, the ship or one of its ship's boats And additionally, if the occurrence might have caused serious injury or damage to the health of any person:

  • - the collapse or bursting of any pressure vessel, pipeline or valve.
  • - the collapse or failure of any lifting equipment, access equipment, hatch-cover, staging or bosun's chair or any associated load-bearing parts.
  • - the collapse of cargo, unintended movement of cargo or ballast sufficient to cause a list, or loss of cargo overboard.
  • - the snagging of fishing gear which results in the vessel heeling to a dangerous angle.
  • - contact by a person with loose asbestos fibre except when full protective clothing is worn, or
  • - an escape of any harmful substance or agent.

Accidents to Persons are those incidents that resulted in deaths or injuries but did not involve an accident to the vessel. More than one person may be killed or injured in an Accident to Person (or Accident). Persons are categorised as crew, passengers or others (pilots etc).

  • any fracture, other than to a finger, thumb or toe;
  • any loss of a limb or part of a limb;
  • dislocation of the shoulder, hip, knee or spine;
  • loss of sight, whether temporary or permanent;
  • penetrating injury to the eye; or
  • any other injury
    - leading to hypothermia or to unconsciousness,
    - requiring resuscitation, or
    - requiring admittance to a hospital or other medical facility as an in-patient for more than 24 hours.

And any other injury, to a person employed or carried in a ship which occurs on board or during access which results in incapacity for more than three consecutive days excluding the day of the accident, or as a result of which the person concerned is put ashore and the ship sails without that person, unless the incapacity is known or advised to be of three consecutive days or less, excluding the day of the accident.

Hazardous Incidents are any events, other than accidents, associated with the operation of a ship which involve circumstances indicating that an accident nearly occurred.

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