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 There are more than 300 ports in the United States, and they are all different. Ports may be operated by a state, a county, a municipality, a private corporation, or a combination. Many ports are complex entities, involving facilities for transportation by several modes of transportation: water, rail, road, or even air. Ports are a vitally important part of the nationwide Marine Transportation System, which includes not only ports, but also inland and coastal waterways, and the intermodal connectors. The Maritime Administration provides expertise on port financing and port infrastructure, and has assisted major ports in their recent redevelopment plans.

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Trade RankPort Name State Total TradeForeign Exports Description
41 Memphis Tennessee  17,520,436NULL click here
42 Detroit Michigan  16,858,179 260,870 click here
43 Anacortes Washington  16,304,725 1,169,590 click here
44 Cleveland Ohio  15,774,611351,463 click here
45 Port of Oakland California   5,541,066 6,976,939 click here
46 Port of San Juan West Virginia  14,179,070461,003 click here
47 Cincinnati Ohio  13,898,494NULL click here
48 Two Harbors Minnesota  1,3472,759 108,879 click here
49 Matagorda Ship Channel Texas  2,523,7051,506,828 click here
50 Ashtabula Ohio  1,0938,476 4,926,664 click here
51 New Haven Connecticut  10,855,934 363,263 click here
52 Presque Isle Michigan  10,134,332 2,070,672 click here
53 Kalama Washington  10,116,131 8,636,541 click here
54 Toledo Ohio  9,861,562 3,171,676 click here
55 Burns Waterway Harbor Indiana  9,801,740 446,510 click here
56 Port of Miami-Dade Florida  9,754,577 3,131,001 click here
57 Providence Rhode Island  9,558,978287,502 click here
58 Calcite Michigan  8,949,167856,189 click here
59 Port of Gary Indiana  8,531,123259,179 click here
60 New Castle Delaware  8,169,975 139,786 click here
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