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A strong economy means more people owning and using cars, which leads to rising congestion - one of the biggest obstacles to an efficient road network. The recently published Eddington Car Transport Study said that, if left unchecked, congestion is set to rise considerably by 2025, costing the economy millions every year, impacting on the environment and causing frustration for road users.

The Government is doing a great deal to tackle congestion:

  • We have set Public Service Agreement (PSA) targets to tackle congestion at local and national level;
  • Well over one thousand Traffic Officers are now patrolling the motorways to get traffic auto moving more quickly after incidents and accidents;
  • We are providing more accurate, up to the minute travel information for road users through the National Traffic Control Centre;
  • We are investing in road improvements, such as on parts of the M25 and the M1 and widening roads where it is necessary;
  • We are using powers in the Traffic Management Act to minimise the congestion caused by street works and illegally parked vehicles; and
  • We are promoting increased take up of workplsace and school travel plans.
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