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TSA is partnering with industry to increase security domain awareness so that individuals are empowered to detect, deter, and report potential or actual security threats. The resulting Air Cargo Watch campaign is consistent with U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration efforts. Both DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff and TSA Administrator Kip Hawley encourage industry partnership domestically and abroad to detect, deter, and prevent terrorist acts against our transportation systems without impeding commerce. Specifically, Air Cargo Watch seeks to better enable the public and industry to report suspicious activity.

Air Cargo Watch has developed materials including a presentation, posters and a two-page guide, to encourage increased attention to potential security threats among several audiences. TSA encourages the display of posters and guides in public view to better attain its goal of maximizing security awareness along the entire air cargo supply chain. All materials have been designed to supplement security concerns for the shipper community. You can support the Air Cargo Watch initiative by displaying posters and guides within areas designated for cargo acceptance, shipping and receiving, warehouses, and other public locations.

Before displaying the Air Cargo Watch guide, make sure to add phone numbers for local police, sheriff, fire and rescue in the designated space on the back, and display both sides of the guide. Always follow company policies and procedures when reporting suspicious activity and make sure to never compromise the liberty and freedoms of others based on suspicion alone.

You can make a difference by partnering with TSA to better secure our transportation systems. Share this web site,, with those who want to make a difference in the fight against terrorism. Other TSA security awareness partnerships include Highway Watch, and Airport Watch. Thank you for your support.

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