Eco Technology for vehicles in road transport

ecoTechnology is designed for the vehicles to raise the awareness among the Canada people about advanced environmental vehicle technologies and their benefits,that helps them to purchase vehicles which uses clear technologies. The ecoTECHNOLOGY for Vehicles (eTV) provide information for Canadians about cutting-edge technologies and their potential to reduce the environmental impacts of motor vehicles. The ecoTechnology of Vehicles in a road transport involves in purchasing and testing a range of advanced technologies including hydrogen, advanced electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.These technologies includes more efficient and cleaner gasoline and diesel engines, electric, solar, hydrogen fuel, biodiesel, etc.,Spending up to $15 million for this project helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to on-road vehicles by:

1)Exhibiting fuel-efficiency, emission rays and safety performance about advanced technology vehicles in road transportation.
2)Identify opportunities and barriers in use of advanced technology vehicles in road transportation.
3)To increase the awareness about advanced technology vehicles in road transportation among people.


ecoTechnology for Vehicles (eTV) helps to reduce the environmental impacts of vehicles by the latest clean vehicle technologies that became available safely and quickly in Canada. eTV does this work with manufacturers to acquire and test and to address barriers to new passenger vehicle technologies in Canada. "Road vehicles are a major cause for the domestic air pollution and the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada," said Minister Cannon."The goal of the ecoTechnology for Vehicles Program is to test the effectiveness and traffic safety of advanced environmental technologies for vehicles.The ecoTransport of Canada Government aimed to improve the health defects of Canadians and the environment by reducing the environmental impacts of transportation. They can every where do their part to ensure clean and healthy environment. And that includes choosing vehicles with improved fuel efficiency.


The program will aim to build strong partnerships with the automotive industry and others, to penetrate broader range of environmental technologies and vehicles into the Canadian vehicle fleet. These include:
* Light weight materials
* Aerodynamics
* Tire tech
* Power train & Engine improvement
* Advanced valve control
* Engine technologies such as hybrid,advanced electric,fuel cell,and hydrogen technologies.
Advanced technologies play an important role in helping the auto industry to achieve the 5.3 megatons reduction target for greenhouse gas emissions from light duty vehicles in Canada as well as reductions of air pollutants such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and ammonia.


The sustainability of Canada transportation relies on the reduction of air emissions from transportation sources and the development of cleaner transportation systems, practices and technologies. Using ecoTechnology for Vehicles Program, Transportation of Canada will facilitate the use of clean, safe and efficient advanced technology vehicles.Get the facts about eco-friendly vehicles and make the right choices for a clean, healthy environment. Together,we can build a sustainable environment for all.

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