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Monday, July 6, 2009

How to choose a good auto transport company?

Before choosing an auto transport company you should ask them certain basic questions regarding contract issues, licensing, insurance, scheduling etc. Take some time to find out whether you are dealing with the right people or not. Call multiple companies; ask friends if they have ever used a transport company. Make sure they were in business for a few years. Review quotes, terms and conditions and BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings. Find out whether the company listed in Better business bureau has a clean record. Bureau keeps record of unresolved complaints and problems. If you find out that a particular company has plentiful complaints it would be better to drop that company. Don't choose a company that offers you lowest price. Good service should be given utmost importance. Make sure that they provide DOT and MC number. You can check the validity of their DOT number at the FMCA website. Make sure that the auto transport company provides insurance for your vehicle. In case of any damage to your vehicle at the time of transit you can claim for damages from the auto transport company. If you choose an uninsured auto transport company you may not receive compensation for damage or loss that has occurred at the time of transit. Make sure you read the contract and understand the provisions before signing it.

Make a decision about which company to use and book your transport. Get a confirmation via fax or email. Before transporting your vehicle see to it you remove all your personal or valuable items. Make sure you have less than a quarter tank of fuel as it decreases the weight of the vehicle. It is a good idea to wash vehicles before the inspection report at pick up. This ensures the car's condition is readily recognized before shipping.

Shipper and driver will do a through inspection of the vehicle at the time of pick up. In case of any damage in the vehicle it will be written in the Vehicle condition report. You have to sign the report and a copy will be handed over to you. Do keep this report until the car is delivered. Before accepting the vehicle, see to it that car does not have dings, dents or scratches. This is your opportunity to claim damage, so please take your time. If any damage is claimed, make sure that the carrier signs the condition report and make sure you retain a copy of your records.

Certain warnings before choosing an auto transport company. While making a reservation, avoid booking with another company as it may hinder your transport. When two companies are trying to move the same vehicle, most drivers will pass on that vehicle and go to another. Car shipping company is not a guaranteed industry. Delays can be created due to weather conditions, mechanical problems, waiting for earlier customers at pick up or delivery etc. Never pay a deposit before work has been done.. Make sure that a carrier has been assigned and provided you with pick up and delivery date and their name and phone number.

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