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Safety Data Management

Safety data is the key to continuously identify hazards and properly manage risks though mitigation strategies aimed at improving in operational safety.

IATA constantly seeks information from a variety of sources that may be indicative of emerging safety risks:

  • Accident analysis: for over 40 years, IATA has been conducting analysis on accident data in order to develop prevention strategies and help the Industry improve its safety record.
  • Incident analysis: Safety Trend Evaluation, Analysis & Data Exchange System is a voluntary reporting system, where member airlines can submit incident reports coming from pilots, cabin crew or ground personnel. This data allows IATA to analyse operational issues that can have and impact on safety and to determin e international trends. Reports are produced and submitted to participating airlines on a quarterly basis.
  • Flight Data Analysis: the Flight Data Analysis (FDA) service is a cost-effective manner for small and medium sized airlines to capture real-time normal operations. IATa pools de-identified data, enabling smaller airlines to learn from the collective results of all participating airlines.


A customized cargo product

TACT Data is a database that contains IATA and non-IATA (pre-constructed);

  • Rates
  • Charges
  • Rules and Regulations

More than 100 airlines contribute to this database. As a result, it contains more than 2.3 million records, the best coverage there is. TACT Data is a collective name for three air cargo rates and one rules database products. Each of these databases can be easily integrated in any in-house computer system. This way the end-users will be able to work with tailor-made data from behind their computer or laptop.

Key Benefits :

  • Since the data is available at desktop level throughout the organization, the information provided to all employees is the same

  • You can build your own historical database

  • Data Rates selection may be tailored to your needs, so you only pay for the information you require

  • TACT Data Rates contains pre-constructed rates allowing cargo professionals to work more efficiently and reducing the risk of errors

Passenger Intelligence Service

A powerful and essential market intelligence tool for air travel analysis.

Passenger Intelligence Services ("PaxIS"), a product developed by IATA Business Intelligence Service, is the most comprehensive airline passenger market intelligence database available today, with more accurate, reliable and affordable data captured through IATA Billing and Settlement Plan ("BSP").

What Is Included in PaxIS

PaxIS reports issued ticket information from 394 airlines and carriers covering 82 BSP offices.

  • Data available for January 2005 onwards
  • Detailed strategic information including:
    • Agency/Country / region of ticket issuance
    • Point of Origin airport / True origin airport / connecting airport (s) / final destination airport
    • Fare category: First, Business, Full Economy, Discounted Economy and Others
    • Fare value: in USD or EUR
    • Month of ticket issuance / month of travel
  • Statistical estimates provided to cover direct sales, low cost carriers, charter flight operators, under-represented BSP markets and non-BSP markets, including the United States.

PaxIS Key Features

  • Strong data coverage worldwide, including 161 countries
  • Standard and clean data: ready-to-use
  • Customised outputs tailored to client's specific data request
  • Web tool and flat file data delivery protocols

Why PaxIS Is Useful?

PaxIS is an essential tool to conduct strategic analyses for:

  • Network planning and optimisation
  • Fleet planning
  • Revenue management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Travel agency monitoring and performance analysis
  • Business and product development.

By analyzing the complete O&D routing information, fare information and detailed market data from PaxIS, clients would be able to:

  • Gain thorough understanding of market dynamics
  • Have extended insight to explore new opportunities and sources of revenue
  • Develop strategies designed to increase market share based on detailed analysis of competition data.

Data Interchange Specifications

BSP Data Interchange Specifications Group(BDISG)

Welcome to the BSP Data Interchange Specifications Group (BDISG) Site.


The Private portion of the Web site is reserved for Member Airlines and qualified Strategic Partnership Members registered within the Passenger and Airport Services area and involved in IATA Passenger Settlement Systems in providing agent reporting data (RET) to a BSP.

The BSP Data Interchange Specifications Group (BDISG) is established to develop and maintain data interchange specifications within the BSP Data Interchange Specifications Handbook (DISH) for the exchange of passenger ticketing and related data between Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) business partners.


DISH is the global data interchange standard implemented by all Billing Settlement Plans (BSPs), to ensure consistency and the exchange of the highest possible quality data between GDSs, BSPs and airlines.

The DISH is promulgated as Attachment A of the IATA Passenger Services Conference (PSC) Resolution 750 - BSP Data Interchange Specifications.

The DISH provides the passenger travel industry with a set of standard formats to support the reporting of passenger sales and ticketing data.

The Handbook specifies the formats used in BSPs for the Agent Reporting (RET), Airline Accounting/Sales (HOT), Credit Sales Invoicing (CSI), Ticket Inventory (TI), Credit Card Settlement Plan (CSP) and Market Share Analysis Data (MSA) business functions.

The DISH also provides the technical specification required by interested parties and potential users for the development of BSP systems and their interfaces with BSP participants.

Global System Solutions

For over 60 years, IATA has been the custodian of a unique global numbering system and contact database of travel industry locations. This network now numbers over 130,000 locations across the globe, with a scale of coverage and a depth of information that is unmatched by any other organization or publication in the world.

Global System Solutions provides the purchaser this information in a format that permits the easy customization and automization of critical functions like reservations, commission payment management and revenue accounting and management, as well as other applications. It is an essential component for creation of a new database or the updating of existing proprietary systems.

So what does it do?

Global System Solutions enables you to:

  • Customize the data to your own systems (reservations, commission payment management and customer relationship management) for multiple applications.

  • Manage your database to its full potential.

  • Simplify your business, by offering a seamless solution for multiple platforms, from reservation point to all other systems, Global System Solutions greatly facilitates your database management.

  • IATA Numeric Codes and Profile information on more than 130,000 travel industry locations.

  • Scheduled updates that include more than 10,000 changes monthly.

  • Flexible subscription options: twice-monthly and monthly.


  • Fixed-length ASCII format delivered via Internet

Global Marketing Solutions

Make sure your marketing efforts are right on target.

For any company seeking to market travel and tourism products or services, the first critical step in a successful campaign is to know who your targets are and how to contact them. Global Marketing Solutions is a worldwide contact database containing information on more than 130,000 travel industry locations. Because this information comes from IATA, the world leader in the field, Global Marketing Solutions is unmatched by any other organization or publication in the world in terms of the scale of its coverage, the depths of information provided, as well as the updating of this information.

More information. And more you can do with it.

Global Marketing Solutions comes on a plug-and-play CD-ROM with a very user friendly interface and features:

  • IATA Numeric Codes and profile information for more than 130,000 travel industry locations;
  • A variety of search possibilities: IATA Code/Agency Name/Agency Location Details;
  • Search criteria that can be customized and are savable;
  • Printable search results;
  • 12-month licenses available.

Which means more effective marketing campaigns.

The scope and depth of the up-to-date and precise information that Global Marketing Solutions provides will enable you to:

  • Building comprehensive travel industry location contact management database;
  • Customize searches to clearly identify priority targets;
  • Base marketing decisions on the most accurate and up-to-date travel industry location information available;
  • Make your marketing campaigns more cost-effective because of:
  • Easy identification of priority targets
  • Elimination of fruitless marketing efforts because of outdated or corrupted information

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