Car Shipping Insurance

More people require vehicle shipping services, but they might be not aware of reliable auto transport company. Considering the importance of auto transport, offers excellent transport services to the clients demanding globally. We carry necessary insurance coverage for the vehicles shipped.

Movetransport ensures that the vehicles carried will be under full safety and security. There are cases where the vehicles may get damaged, in such situation full insurance coverage can be claimed.

Things to be known in auto transport insurance

  1. Prior to choosing an auto transport company, at first make sure that the shipping company offers guaranteed auto insurance coverage for the vehicle. Check whether the insurance certificate compiles with the statute of the department of transportation and covers the coverage legally. Sometimes incase of uncertainties the vehicles moved gets damaged, the vehicle shipping company will offer adequate damage coverage faced by the customer.

  2. Make sure that you come up with written statement from the car transport company. This statement protects the client, incase of default obligation of the transporter.

  3. Prepare the vehicles carefully before moving. Sometimes, most of the vehicles will be or will not be under damage. To be aware, check out the shipping process.

  4. If any damage has been occurred during transit, then intimate the shipping company with a note of bill of lading and get the reimbursement.

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