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Why think about moving goods by rail or water instead of by road?

Using rail or water transport instead of road for a number of your cargo operations has a number of benefits. It can be additional money-making and dependable way of moving goods, particularly over long distances. There are moreover environmental and social benefits, which can provide you and benefit over your competitors when challenging for contracts and develop customers' perceptions of your business.

 Making the change from road to rail or water can be costly, mostly given the need for additional investment in equipment and services. There are grants and financial maintain available which can decrease or even remove these additional costs.

Environmental Benefits

Most Lorries and trucks are power-driven by fossil fuels - which produce CO2 emissions - as well as further pollutants that influence both climate vary and air quality. The UK is dedicated to reducing pollution emissions, as well as CO2, and reducing the use of road transport is one of the behaviors of achieving this.

In urban areas, sound from road transport can also cause troubles. Shipment transport both contributes to, and is precious by, road blocking. As roads become more crowded, this causes delays for all road users - and increases mutually direct and indirect costs for businesses.

Congestion affects additional road users, as well as cyclists and pedestrians. Even though road accidents have concentrated over recent years, those concerning goods vehicles are regularly more serious. Reduced use of roads for cargo transport will help to cut both the number and importance of accidents.

MSRS Bulk and Waterways (Mode Shift Revenue Support)

This helps with the price of using rail for all other non-containerized cargo traffic or inland waterway goods movements. Each system needs to exhibit the environmental benefits of it and that the charge of rail or inland waterways is added than road transportation. The environmental benefits are known as 'mode shift benefits', and are intended in agreement with a standard formula

In standard, a business can concern for both MSRS and FFG financial support, but applications must make this clear. Grants are complete in peace with the criteria of each scheme.

Businesses applying for MSRS are suggested to organize a sketch out proposal for an informal argument with the grant administrative body, which is the Department for Transport in England. They will provide help in refining the proposal. The formal application is made on forms that can be downloaded from Cargo Best Practice website. Retain forms can also be downloaded, and expenses are made in arrears.

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