Fraud Awareness

Each year the U.S. Department of Transportation spends about $70 billion on transportation-related projects. On March 26, 2008, the Office of Inspector General released a fraud awareness video on false statements and claims to provide government officials, contractors, and the public with an increased understanding of common fraud schemes and strengthen collaborative efforts aimed at the prevention and detection of fraud involving automobile transport programs and activities.

Using a "Cable News" format, the video presents examples of investigations that resulted in criminal and civil penalties for business and individuals who, while working on contracts funded in part by Federal transportation funds, engaged in fraud which cheats American taxpayers. In addition, the video provides legal perspectives on false statements and claims and fraud, as well as "red flag" fraud indicators to help those in the transportation community, government employees, and contractors alike know what to look for. The video also tells viewers how to report possible fraud, waste, abuse, and other irregularities in DOT programs to the Office of Inspector General Hotline.

Citizens have entrusted all levels of government to ensure that their tax dollars are being wisely spent on transportation infrastructure projects that enhance the safety, security, and mobility of the traveling public. We will continue to work together with our Federal, State, and local law enforcement, prosecutorial, and transportation colleagues to maintain the public's confidence in the integrity of our Nation's transportation system.

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