Air Transportation Services

The fastest mode of transport is the airways. Now this service being increasing by the individuals, movers and packers to quench their demands of the clients and individuals.


There are different types of Air transport services exist all around the world as commercially as well as privately. These types of Services have been developed before decades or even centuries inorder to meet the needs of peoples. Each type of Air Transport service has a unique way that achieves speed and the sustainability.

Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons was the first type of air transportation made successfully as they carried the humans. This was first developed in the late 1700s by Montgolfier brothers. This works based on the principle such as passengers and the heat source was placed in the wicker basket under the balloon. Based on the hot rises in the air, the balloon flew according to the direction of the wind. At the end the passengers can be landed safely back to earth by cooling its temperature.


An offshoot of the hot air balloon is called as the blimp. Blimps have been discovered at the end of 19th century .This were first used as the scouting tools by various militaries. The Goodyear Blimp is the most famous of this mode of transportation, seen at sporting games and events around the world. The blimps are made in a convenient and cost-effective way in order to travel and advertise products. Blimps uses hot air and large fans to float that are attached under the basket.


Zeppelins were designed by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin in the early 20th century. Zeppelins reflects to be like blimps but they differ by two points: Zeppelins have a metal skeleton with a rigid covering, and they use hydrogen gas to float. These two elements made zeppelins larger when compared to blimps. This is capable of sustaining long-distance travel. During the first World War, they were the first flying machine to practice bombing runs. Zeppelins were used as the first commercial airline service, taking passengers from Germany to America. But unfortunately zeppelin industry was destroyed by the Hindenburg disaster in 1937, over New Jersey, killing 35 people.


The wing aircraft is the most popular air transportation service available today. The first official sustained flight was discovered by Wright Brothers on Dec. 17, 1903. There are 49,315 commercial flights around the world. Around 1.1 billion people are flown every year. These aircraft air transportation is different from others as they achieve lift through forward motion. Airplanes use wings, that act as a stabilizer for keeping the vehicle in the air and propeller or jet engine to power the aircraft. Thousands of planes were built for the purpose of spying, bombing and fighting. Ultimately, the jet engine was designed, making as one of the fastest modes of transportation in the world.


The goal of helicopter is to develop a flying vehicle that could carry people to different locations. Helicopter was designed back in 1480s, by Leonard da Vinci. Helicopters contain horizontal rotors consisting of two or more blades. These blades rotate around the top of the machine, and achieve lift, pulling the body of the helicopter along. The primary applications for helicopters are in the military, law enforcement, medical, news or fire control sectors.

Personal Air transportation

This was developed in the mid of 1900s .They invented autogyro, gliders and jet packs to provide transportation service for single person from one place to another. They used both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft to fly. This can be lifted up by the rotor. The power of the flight was achieved by a rear propeller and the wings. The controller helps to move flaps on the wings in order to hit updrafts that keep the vehicle in the air. These devices are very inefficient, as most models can only contain enough gases to sustain flight for a few minutes.


The most advanced form of air transportation is the rockets. Rockets have been used at least since the 13th century for small-scale military applications and recreational displays. Rockets use thrust obtained by chemical reaction of a fluid that is ejected at high velocities from the vehicle. This forces the combustion chamber to split out gases of the tail of the rocket, pushing the vehicle to extremely high speeds.

To meet those requirements the Air transport services can be classified into three categories. They are as follows

  • � First one includes companies want to ship cargo all around the world to meet the specific need of the people.
  • � Second one to meet the passengers as well as goods.
  • � Third is exclusively for corporate section.


  • � It helps the individuals, companies and the corporate to save time in transportation.
  • � Provides a dedicating work such as door to door pickup and delivery.
  • � Providing offshore-to-offshore service as well as domestic moving services.


  • � Moving through over-size cargo. � Provides online routing to the passengers.
  • � Helps in tracking of the destination.
  • � Provides complete import and export Services.
  • � Provides Cargo consolidation or de-consolidation services.
  • � Provides Airfreight logistics or carrier management.
  • � Charter services are available for relocation.


The Air Transport Services not only provides software, hardware, and implementation services, but also provides system integration services. System integration capabilities help you to minimize risk, maximize technology investment and deliver the best systems integration solution suited to your airport needs. It brings out complex technologies together to maximize compatibility, scalability, and airport-wide information management. This includes:

  • � Analysis for Requirement
  • � Provides the stages of Planning, designing and implementation of the Airport Service.
  • � Provides the Information About operational and financial application systems and infrastructures
  • � ERP Application Integration
  • � Legacy management and Internet enablement services
  • � Ongoing systems and maintenance support


To move by Air freight needs some guideline so that it makes you comfortable when you travel for first time without any congestion. This provides information about, how items to be packed (things such as liquids, perishables or fragile items). The factors that are to be kept in mind are:

  • � Both clients as well as goods want to travel by the same flight at a time means, the passenger must come earlier, because the clearance of goods and passengers takes place at different gates.
  • � Exact labeling must be provided for all the goods (such as to address and from addresses, warnings and any specific instructions).
  • � Must have complete knowledge about the carrier rules before packing starts in the hands of movers and packers.
  • � A detailed listing about each package as the packages can be opened and inspected by the carrier so that you must give accurate information about the things you carry out.

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