Green Vehicle

A green vehicle, is a road motor vehicle that can be powered by alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies that produces less harmful impacts to the environment than comparable conventional internal combustion engine vehicles

Green vehicles include hybrid electric vehicles, hydrogen and fuel-cell vehicles, battery electric vehicles, compressed-air vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, neat ethanol vehicles, clean diesel vehicles, natural gas vehicles, flexible-fuel vehicles, and some sources also include vehicles using blends of ethanol fuel or gasohol and biodiesel.

As part of their contribution to sustainable transport, these vehicles reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to energy independence by reducing oil imports.

What Makes a Vehicle Green?

EPA developed a Guide to help you find information on vehicles that are more efficient and less polluting.Reducing vehicle emissions and increasing your fuel economy helps the environment and your wallet and holding a valid driving license

Types of green vehicle:

* Electric and fuel cell-powered
*Hybrid electric vehicles
*Electric Motor and Pedal Powered Vehicles
*Compressed air cars, stirling vehicles, and others

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