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 August 2-8 National Stop on Red Week
Federal Highway Administration
 National Stop on Red Week
 Federal Highway Administration

Welcome to the FHWA Safety Program

Reducing Highway Fatalities

That\'s our job and our commitment — we work with our State and Local partners and others in the transportation community to develop and promote programs and technologies to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on our Nation\'s roadways. In 2007, there were 41,059 roadway fatalities.

The FHWA Office of Safety\'s mission is to reduce highway fatalities by making our roads safer through a data-driven, systematic approach and addressing all “4Es” of safety:  engineering, education, enforcement, and emergency medical services. Increasing awareness of the need for roadway safety infrastructure improvements is very important. We are striving to provide decision-makers important information, tools and resources that will improve the safety performance of roadways.  Safety should be considered first, every time and at every stage of a project.  Make safety your first consideration in every investment decision.

Including Safety Strategies in the Recovery Act Delivery

The safety of the traveling public and of the workers on the roadway is of utmost concern to the administration. Many safety improvements can be easily and cost effectively incorporated into existing \"ready to go\" projects without changing the scope or delaying the project. Making small changes to these projects can produce big safety benefits. As an example, incorporating rumble strips into a resurfacing project can cost as little at $600 per mile, and the benefits in terms of reductions in fatalities and serious injuries are dramatic.

Another way to achieve these safety benefits is through \"programmatic\" or \"system-wide\" projects that may focus on addressing safety issues in a particular area or corridor. Examples include projects that systemically install proven safety countermeasures such as guardrails, warning signs, striping, rumble strips, rumble stripes, safety edge and median barriers. Click here for more information on these and other proven safety countermeasures. This system-wide approach may be particularly useful to local governments.

Strategic Highway Safety Plans (SHSPs) are a good starting point for identifying stand-alone safety projects or enhancements to \"ready to go\" projects that can be implemented, constructed, and advanced quickly. The Economic Recovery Delivery is an opportunity to accelerate the implementation of these safety action plans, and the sooner these safety features can be put in place, the sooner they will save lives.

Furthermore, many state SHSPs include a data system improvement element. Improved data systems are eligible activities and such projects do not require the intensive planning, design, approvals, and permitting that construction projects do. The Office of Safety and

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