Water Safety Signs

There are different safety rules for beaches, rivers, lakes and public or private swimming pools. Be aware of the local water environment and weather conditions before entering the water.

  • Prohibition Signs
  • Hazard Signs
  • Information Signs
  • Safety Signs

Red circle with a slash on white background with a black pictogram.
Activities pictured with this type of sign are prohibited.



Personal Watercraft Prohibited

Surfing Prohibited

Swimming Prohibited

Fishing  Prohibited

watercraft Prohibited

surfing Prohibited

Diving  Prohibited

Boating Prohibited

Bodyboards Prohibited

Diving Prohibited

Boating Prohibited

Bodyboards Prohibited

Yellow diamond, black pictogram.
Warning this type of sign identifies danger or a potential dangerous situation.

Caution shallow Water

Beware Cliff Edge

Beware Deep Water

Strong Current Sign

Caution Shallow Water

Beware Cliff

Beware Deep Water

strong current Signs

White writing or pictogram on blue background.
This type of sign displays general information.

Lifesaving Patrolled

Trip Intentions

Marine Weather

Arrow reveals the nearest Lifesaving Patrolling area

Inform a person of your trip intentions.

Check the marine weather report.

Fully charge Batteries

Sufficient Fuel

Safety Equipment

Keep your batteries fully charged.

Ensure you have sufficient
fuel and reserve fuel.

Maintain your vessel,engine and safety equipment

Boot Ramp

Board Riding

Life Jackets

Boat Ramp

Board Riding

Life Jackets

White pictogram or writing on green background.
This type of sign contains safety information.


Exit Sign

First Aid Room

Exit Sign

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